In Stockholm, The captain found a used genoa for sale in the internet that was made for a boat with a rig similar enough to that of Scanmar 345. Luckiily enough the owner even lived close by. The only sorrow the captain felt was that luff was slightly shorter than what was supposed to fit to the furler. The sail turned out to be just like new, great triradial cut, contemporary laminate construction. It was a deal, no question!
On Friday the 17th Maukka and Pia drove from Stockholm back to Oskarshamn with the new genoa in the trunk. The little Peugeot was useful also to carry all the food.
On Saturday the old well served red stripe genoa was unfurled and taken down for the last time. The new one was hoisted and to the captain's surprise neither the luff was no centimeter short nor the foot none too long, in other words it was perfect, just like tailored for the Selina! Obviously the boat's dimensions were not in accord with the specs, but the error was the lucky way!
The center marina in the end of the bay of Oskarshamn turned in all ways pleasant and the service good and friendly. 

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