Helsinki - Visby

This is the day when the Selina will set sails and turn her bow towards Visby on the Swedish island of Gotland. This will be her first leg of this summer's expedition aiming to conquer the South-East archipelagoes of Sweden. The distance from Helsinki to Visby is about 250 nm, expected to take one and a half day.
The gods of the sea are giving promises of favourable winds, that is, northerly. This is both most desirable when going SW, and also truly remarkable since the prevalent wind direction in the Baltic sea is exactly from SW throughout the summer.
The sturdy crew consists of Risto, Pekka,  Pia and il capitano Maurizio.
Besides Gotland, the target area of the summer's adventures includes 
Öland and Kalmar.. Only Poseidon knows whether the Selina will reach as far as Cabo de Karlskrona or Bornholm.
The  shipowners are already considering the possibility of wintering somewhere in the south of Sweden instead of returning to Helsinki, with the obvious goal for the following season of exploring new waters  of Denmark and/or Norway. 

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29.08.2022 Barösund - Helsinki