Byxelkrok towards Gåstensgrund on the mainland side, left at 18:30. Motoring, no wind, old swell.
Anchored from aft, fore to shore to the north bay of Huvfallsö behind a high rock, a perfect natural harbor for the night's S winds.



Sandvik in the wake at 14:00. 
The original intention to go mainland was dropped due to Poseidon's will. The nice tailwind died but was just enough to take us to Byxelkrok as sidewind. Light train, the crew playing yazee. Byxelkrok was reached 18:30.
The place looks like a real fishing village.


Going north, back to Sandvik

PBorgholm behind 14:30. Wing on wing  in weak SSW until the speed dropped under 2 kn. Motoring past Åleklinta 16:15. No wind, the crew cannot resist going to Sandvik.
Arrived at 18:30 with style and routine.
In the harbour the cap noticed that both the fresh water pump and the bilge pump were running. There was hot water in the bilge. It turned out that the safety valve pipe of the water boiler had melted and exploded.
This little harbor is one of the most spectacular!



OThe cosy Mörbylånga left to memories at 10:00 for the royal summer place harbour Borgholm. Argh, the septic pump, financed by the EU, was out of function.
Passing Kalmar at 11:30. Arrived to Borgholm 14:30.



Kalmar left behind about 9:30. Taking advantage of the exceptional wind prognosis for weak N and later E, Selina's nose is pointing towards Mörbylånga in Öland. Going wing on wing.
Landed at 12:30 after sunny relaxed sail.


Sunrise sail to Kalmar

Maukka and Pia wake up at 2 in the morning to take advantage of the rare west wind window, an exception from the dominant SW, Welcome when going to Kalmar which ilues directly towards SW.
Sails hoisted at 3:30, dreamwind W 7 m/s. Listening to Debussy. Now L'isle joyeux, next La Mer. Sunrise at 4.
New genoa driving beautifully.
Slottsbredan light and Borgholm on port side at 8:15.
Morning espresso II cooking.
Kalmar bridge 9:30.

Arrived to Kalmar at 10.



Furö left at 11 in the sunny conditions of SW. New genoa driving nicely up wind. 12:00 Blå Jungfru on the port side.
Sandvik 15:45 after a nice cruise with the  new genoa, which is perfect!
The little harbor, turns out to be very cozy, with all basics plus no less three restaurants. The only issue on high season is that most of the moorings are oriented sidewinds, and that the prewailing SW seas will rock the boats near the entrance. Wonderful pebble and limestone tile beaches. Lots of amazing fossils.


The pleasant harbour of Oskarshamn was left behind at 14:15 and the short flight to the island of Furö was completed  by 15:45. The weather was sunny and the wind behind.
Furö is a pearl second to none, but with mooring for just two maybe three boats.  We were the second one in addition to the German boat whis crew included a 50 year old parrot. A perfect hideaway. No services, just private cottages.