Bunge to Öland

 Selina's new tough crew consists of Johan, Jyvä, Wille. Ready to go 9:30. Wind N 12.
At 18:00 wind turned to NW 4, sailing 5.5. Knots. Easy seas, sunshine, good moods, Johan's nostalgy playlist.
19:30 Jyvä cooking "Com'on everybody". Rimsky-Korsakov's Scheherazade, a classic recording of Leonard Bernatein and the NY Philharmonics makes great sailing music.
21:30 no wind. Running on motor. Suddenly the engine started heating and it was found that the impeller was broken. 

Luckily enough there was a spare part on board. 22:30 the old Volvo is purring like a kitten again. Heading against the little harbour in the north tip of  Öland. Six miles left.
Harboured at Grankullaviken 00:00, in complete peace and silence.

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29.08.2022 Barösund - Helsinki