Näytetään blogitekstit, joiden ajankohta on heinäkuu, 2016.

Back to civilization

The boat was cleaned up and made ready for Titi's crew. Everything in the 29 years old boat working and in place. 


Left 10:30, motoring out of she lagoon and the ringway to the long entrance of Valdemarsvik, past idullic assumedly former fishing villages. Arrived to V-vil at 13:00. The harbor is right at the center of the town located in a steep valley. Reminiscent of typical Mediterranean harbor towns. All services at place.

Bokö bay

11:30 the little harbour was left behind. To be considered as a potential wintering place. A little bit of cruising on the way out. Stora Källskär village Moored fore to shore, aft anchor, to the natural harbor of Bokö at 16:45.


Through the narrow channel to the  Spårö paradise, a 100% hurricane whole.


Left Spårö at 12:00, nose pointing at Loftahammar. Wind S 9 m/s. Sunny. Good sailing until the mouth of the long bay of Loftahammar. There the wind turned suddenly against, hail came down and a trombe went across the course. Loftahammar at 16:00.


Going on 11:00. Optimal S wind for going N, 8 to 10 m/s. Lunch break in Idö. The harbour was not particularly well protected from S wind.