Round the Baltic tour completed

The Selina is back to her home harbor after the four months 1300 nm sail once-in-lifetime trip around the Baltic sea. We visited and enjoyed 32 different harbors in eight countries: Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. 

This voyage was the celebration of Selina's 30th sailing season, out if which 15 with us. The Selina is no old ship but a lady in her best age, beautiful, fast and seaworthy in all conditions. During the coming winter she will be fitted with a new engine to replace the original Volvo-Penta, still reliable but mercilessly rusting inside.

The expedition was an hommage paid to the Baltic sea, such a wonderful pool surrounded by peaceful and friendly countries, cultures, histories and languages. In today's turbulent world it is something to be highly appreciated. The trip also marked some important milestones in the lifes of some among her owners.

The summer was extraordinarily hot, requiring makeshift biminis and litres of sunscreen to protect from the burning sun. Before this summer nobody ever even heard about such things as bimini tops in these high latitudes.

Thanks to all hands that kept the boat, skippered by Mauri and Titi, in the move through different passages of this trip. The international crew consisted of Risto, Seppo, Petri, Pekka, Pia, Eeva, Viljo, Johan, Lotta, Nina, Barry, Ulla, Caijus, Pia, Lauri, Liisa, Juha, Lotta and Teemu (in order of appearance), skillful sailors, fun friends and family members, each contributing to wonderful common experiences. Viva la mare, viva la libertà!Schematical harbour-to-harbour jump map of Selina's voyage around the Baltic sea in summer 2018.

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29.08.2022 Barösund - Helsinki